Sit Stay Play takes every precaution to stay safe during Covid-19 with the following steps:

  • Masks are worn during all new client Meet & Greet sessions.
  • Masks are worn any time Nadine is in your home for a visit.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing is done in between back to back visits.
  • Any high touch surfaces such as door nobs and gates are disinfected.
  • During walks Nadine will use her own leashes to prevent handling yours. Please try and have pets collars/harness/coats close to the door to minimize touching other items in home. 

During any longer pet visits or pet sitting that require Nadine to be in your home:

  • High touch surfaces will be disinfected before leaving on last day
  • Any linens (bedding, hand towels, etc.) will be put into washing machine
  • All dishes will be washed or put into dishwasher

Any questions or concerns for pet sitting Nadine will be happy to address. Frequent Covid testing is done to ensure everyone is staying safe when they can not stay home.  


Each participant will have their own personal station. These stations are fully sanitized prior to arrival. Participant stations include these sanitized items:

  • Walks ā€˜Nā€™ Wags Pet First Aid manual and pocket manual (take home).
  • Individual hand sanitizer.
  • Walks 'N' Wags Pen
  • Personal stuffed animal for practice and practices .
  • First aid basket, including all the materials necessary for the course

All clients will be required to wear masks while moving throughout the building. Gloves will be available. 

All persons present will be expected to wash and sanitize their hands regularly during the course. When entering the facility, washroom use, and after food consumption. Washroom signs will be clearly labelled.

Live dogs are welcome if registered. Dogs must only be handled by their person(s). Dogs must be leashed and attached to their persons stations at all times during the course, and not roaming the facility. Please bring all items required for your pet (water bowl, blanket, etc.)


In the event you are experiencing any signs of illness, self isolating for any reason or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, please do not attend class. You may reschedule at a later time. If your instructor is feeling unwell, the course will be postponed.